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  • About us

    We provide visual effects for your personal photos & videos.

    Have you ever wanted to have cool visual effects in your photos or video?

    Maybe you want to wield a lightsaber, cast a magic spell or battle a hoard of robots. Well now you can. Usually visual effects are restricted to Television & Films with mega budgets, or to those hobbyists who are willing to spend the time to learn all the techniques, but not any more.

    Wouldn't it be great if someone could do that stuff for your personal content?

    That is what we do. We take your photos and videos and make them awesome! Whether you have imagery of your kids, social events or your wedding day, we can add something extra to that special moment.


    We offer a range of simple VFX Packs to get you going quickly, or you can contact us if you have something else in mind.

  • Our Services

    A brief overview of some of our services

    Light Sword(s)

    Add a light sword/saber effect to your photo or video

    If your like us, you always wanted to have a light sword like the ones in those space war movies. Well now you can with this pack.

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    Little Fairies

    Fairies are everywhere these days

    Surprise a loved one with a special photo of you child as a fairy (or anything else you can imagine!).  Ideal for calendars, canvas prints or other gift ideas for Grandparents and other family. Plus your kids will love it! This effect is a little more complicated so Contact us for further details.

    Blasters & Phasers

    Add a laser bolt to your photo or video

    Wether your blasting some evil Empire, quashing some Rebel scum or bringing some Federation justice to the galaxy, sometimes you need a bit of firepower. Spice up your photo with this pack and show them all how it's done.

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    A Touch of Magic

    Add a magic effect to your photo or video

    You have the wand, now you need the magic. With this pack we will add magic to your photo. Whether it's for a budding witch/wizard or your local garden fairy this pack will do the trick.

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    Lightening Force

    Add some electricity to your photo or video

    Even we have to admit, sometimes our power just can't be contained. Whether you are teaching them the power of the dark side or fending off a lightening storm, add some spark to your photo with this highly charged pack.

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    A + B

    Combine someone in your photo with a background of your choice

    We can take a photo of your loved one, place them into a new background making them tiny, super huge, or flying to another planet. Contact us about what you have in mind.

  • How it works

    At the simplest level, you can just go to our store and select one of our vfx packs. Once purchased we will send you instructions on how to submit your photo/video and the details of what you would like.


    Visual effects are complicated and time consuming. While we strive to make the process as simple as possible and of the highest quality for you, there are some things that we require before we can work with your content.


    • Submit you photo in the highest possible resolution. If your photo is too small, it will limit the quality of the image you get.
    • We accept the following formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, TGA, DNG. (GIF is not recommended).
    • Name your photo with at least your order ID (we will give you this). We need this to make sure we know which is your photo!


    We offer the same visual effects for your personal videos, but given the complex nature of video, and the fact that it is made up of hundred of Images (e.g. 30 sec video at 30 frames per second is 900 frames!), we have some restrictions on what we will be able to do in our video VFX Packs. If you require something that falls outside of our core VFX packs, please contact us using the form below.

    • We accept video in the following formats: h.264 Mp4, MOV, (Contact us for ProRES or image sequences)
    • Max resolution 1920 x 1080 (Contact us for larger resolutions)
    • Frame rates: 30, 25, 24, 23.97 (Contact us for higher frame rates)
    • Our pre-priced packs are limited to 30 seconds. (contact us for longer videos)
    • Name your video with at least your order ID (we will give you this). We need this to make sure we know which is your video!


    Your content is your content. Period. Once we have given you the final artwork, you have the option for us to delete our working files immediately, or hold them for a restricted period (typically 6 months). Please note, we are not able to store your data for long periods and encourage you to backup your data!

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    Grab one of our VFX packs, or contact us for something extra special.

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